Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring

What’s the cost to your business if the critical operations are down for hours longer – in terms of lost productivity, opportunity cost and customer satisfaction?

In the age of the information highway proliferation your company’s computer systems are the bloodline of your organization. Information systems running your business critical applications are at the core of your business and downtime is not an option.

Wouldn’t you want to save face by resolving issues as they occur rather than waiting for users and business stakeholders to report them? LegaSystems Remote Monitoring Managed Services is designed to do just that!

Proprietary solution and a single point of contact

We do not resell managed services by other vendors, we built our own state of the art managed services monitoring solution from the ground up

Variety of server platforms

We support Windows servers and clients, Linux and Unix

Network devices

agentless monitoring for routers, firewall and switches

Synthetic transactions

server independent transaction monitoring for IIS, Apache and Tomcat

Service Dashboard

single point of oversight for all your services on any web client

Security Monitoring and change monitoring

IP response and monitoring for open/closed ports We proactively monitor you networking equipment, servers, applications and web services to identify potential issues through event correlation and log interpretation. Our staff is aware if any occurred or impending issues around the clock and will alert you by e-mail, phone or text messaging. Our managed monitoring service features a self-healing capability that will remediate most common issues by running a most appropriate task with or without input from you. With LegaSystems monitoring managed services you can be assured of maximum service availability and business productivity.

What we offer:

Secure communications

our gateway appliance is shipped to your datacenter facility preconfigured with a secure communications configuration consisting of a site-to-site VPN with a 128-bit encryption certificate. Any data sent between our monitoring facility and your datacenter is encrypted and secured by a built-in firewall. The firewall is locked down to only allow the public IPs of our monitoring facility to connect to the gateway appliance and only by providing an encryption certificate pairing key.

Management packs

service and application specific monitoring client configurations are designed to watch for a preconfigured set of services, application environments and transactions. The management packs will be installed on the servers you specify unless agentless monitoring is preferred. Our management pack library contains over 500 preconfigured clients.

Some of the most common management packs are:
  • Microsoft Exchange 2003 or later
  • Microsoft SQL 2005 or later
  • Active Directory Domain Controllers, DHCP and DNS
  • ISS 6 web servers or later
  • Citrix XenServer, XenApp and XenDesktop packs
  • Windows Server and Hyper-V
  • File servers and storage
  • VMWareVSphere and ESX
  • Oracle Database monitoring
  • Blackberry Enterprise Server
  • Microsoft OCS or Lync
  • RightFax monitoring
  • ISA, TMG or UAG monitoring
  • AD RMS monitoring pack
  • SharePoint management pack
  • Dell server and storage packs
  • Windows terminal services and RDS
  • HP server and storagemanagement
  • Unix and Linux OS monitoring

  • Guaranteed SLA

    we built a world-class monitoring managed services infrastructure so that you don’t have to and will guarantee a %99.9 uptime of our monitoring platform. Enjoy a peace of mind about your business critical services and network infrastructure. .

    Expert resolution right on time

    we have the expertise to resolve any issue as events unravel. This allows us to offer a single source for both your monitoring and issue response needs.

    Control and peace of mind

    our support staff evaluates and responds to all alerts so you don’t have to. We give you the choice of receiving all alerts immediately or only after pending alerts are evaluated by our support staff for criticality level reducing false-positives.

    Self-heal and run book automation

    LegaSystems managed monitoring service features run book execution and self-heal task execution service. This allows us to automate issue resolution in most cases by executing a known remedy task or workflow.