LegaLearn – Training



Technology is evolving at a rapid pace. New operating systems come out every few years, new features get added to these new operating systems and major improvements get made to completely change the process on how technology works with your organization. With new technology leads to a need to be properly trained on these advancements and there are various ways to get trained. You can take the time to grab the latest book and do some self-learning or watch videos, but only having limited availability could pose a problem or you may be focusing on areas that may not pertain to your organization.
What if the same company that assisted in helping you implement your new infrastructure could also train your employees on how to use the new technology! Even if you have never had any work completed from LegaSystems before, we would be more than happy to come in to properly train your staff.

We have Microsoft Certified Trainers that could come in and provide classes on the following areas:
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Server
  • Hyper-V Server Virtualization
  • Desktop Virtualization
  • Exchange Server
  • Active Directory
  • Lync
  • Remote Desktop and Session Virtualization

  • With these training classes available some of the benefits you will receive:
  • A Microsoft Certified Trainer that has the knowledge and experience to properly guide your employees in whatever areas you want to focus on.
  • These trainers are not only Microsoft Certified, but also consultants that will share many years of first hand experiences to give further knowledge to pass down.
  • Carefully plan out and individualize your training to make sure to touch upon areas of concern your organization may have.
  • Act as a guide to companies that may have already implemented this technology into their organization, but are missing some key benefits that this new technologies has given them..

  • Even if you may choose that having a Microsoft Certified Trainer come in may not be your best solution, we also offer training vouchers since we are Microsoft Partner with a competency in learning.

    You have made the smart step in identifying the need to get properly training in your new technology, so let LegaSystems guide you and give you the years of consulting experience and technology knowledge to make your company be well equipped to handle your new technology initiatives!