LegaSystems had achieved the highest level of accreditation with the industry's most admired companies. Our strong working relationship with key technology partners allows us to bring our customers the most cutting edge innovative technologies. We believe that our partnerships are a reflection of our skills and values. As a result of our strong partner relationships we continue to learn new skills and bring our clients the most up to date business solutions.
 We spend significant time learning our customers' business models and critical needs. This allows us to find areas of improvement in efficiency and business continuity and present the most appropriate technological solutions in partnership with the industry's key technology leaders. The following is a list of our key partners:

Microsoft Hosting Partner

No other name in the industry says innovation like Microsoft. Since 1975 Microsoft has been the world's most renown software developer and the world's largest software manufacturer by sales volume. LegaSystems is recognized by Microsoft as a Hosting Partner reflecting our knowlege and expertise in cloud service offerings and hosting competence. Trust our experts to design and implement the cloud or hosting solution with reliability and convenience to meet your business needs.

Dell computer

Dell computer is one of the largest technological corporations in the world. Dell pioneers desktop and server hardware, networking gear and storage devices. LegaSystems Dell Direct partnership allows us to offer our clients the most advanced hardware solutions that best fit their server, storage, networking and virtualization needs


When it comes to providing worldwide VOIP connectivity no other vendor can provide the quality of communications and conferencing connectivity across continents like Interoute. Our partnership with Interoute allows us to offer our customers dial-in conferencing and audio/video conferencing for Unified Communications platforms second to none.


LegaSystems in partnership with Voxbeam provides VOIP connectivity across the United States and Canada. Our Unified Communication equipment and expertise paired up with Voxbeam's DID and SIP termination offer our customers unique communications and conferencing solutions.


With the recent growth of Internet based attacks on financial and government sectors network security had become ever more important for any enterprise. Rapid 7 is a world leader in network vulnerability and penetration testing solutions. LegaSystems partnership with Rapid7 gives our customers an edge in achieving security compliance standards and a peace of mind when it comes to network infrastructure security.


legasystems veem pro partnerVeeam offers an award winning product line of backup and disaster recovery products for VMWare and Hyper-V. Veeam's Backup & Replication product won "Product of Year" Gold Award of TechTarget in 2009, as well as "Best of Show" and "Best New Technology" awards at VMworld 2010.

Manage Engine

manage engine legasystems partnerManageEngine is an enterprise IT management division of Zoho Corporation. Founded in 1996 and formerly known as AdventNet, ManageEngine develops enterprise class asset management, auditing, compliance and monitoring software. ManageEngine offers more than 20 products for real-time IT management to over 60,000 customers worldwide.